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Taraz State Pedagogical Institute


About the Institute

About the Institute

The mission of Taraz state pedagogical Institute is a continuous and systematic training of highly qualified pedagogical staff - teachers of the new formation, popular both in the region and in the country as a whole. The mission of the higher educational institution is a continuous and systematic training of highly qualified teachers - teachers of new formation, demanded in the region and in the whole country. Taraz State Pedagogical Institute strives to maintain the reputation of the institution of innovative type, capable to meet modern requirements and international trends in the development of education. In order to implement the principles of continuity and succession of levels of professional pedagogical education the Institute intends to develop systems that combine non-diversified educational institutions (pre-school, school,  institution of training and retraining of the pedagogical staff).

Since  May 2010  the Institute has started the procedure of institutional accreditation. The preparation for the implementation of the double-diploma education, distance learning  is carried out.  .In September of the same year among other 30 Kazakhstani higher educational institutions ТаrSPI  signed the Bologna Great Charter of Universities. Taraz State Pedagogical Institute is leading pedagogical high school of the country.  It carries out training of students and post-graduates in 29 specialities of a bachelor degree .

Training is carried out at 7 faculties: Philological, pedagogical, historical and geographical, faculty of creative specialties, natural sciences, and the department of additional part-time teacher training. At 27 departments of mentioned above faculties 362 full-time teachers work, including 17 Doctors, 126 PhDs, 1 Doctor PhD and 73 Masters. The members of creative unions work at TarSPI: the Union of Artists, the  Union of Journalists - 8 people, Honorary Worker of Physical Culture and Sports – 1 person.

Rector  of  Taraz State Pedagogical Institute  is Askar Begadiluly Abdualy, , Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor.  He is a respected scholar, has a solid experience of working in a University system.

Institute for operational management has sufficient material and financial assets. TarSPI has 8 academic buildings with total area of ​​25497m2. There are laboratories for students of the specialities «Chemistry», «Physics», «Biology», educational workshops, cabins for individual tuition for students in the specialties of «Music education» and «Choreography», two halls for choreography classes.  At the department of "Defectology and psychology" the office of "Self-cognition " functions .

Academic buildings of TarSPI are equipped with 14 computer classes. In the subdivisions of the Institute and in the educational process 388 modern computers are used, -52 of them with Internet access. (In the 2011-2012 academic year there was a decrease in number of computers with Internet access - with 93 computers in the 2010-2011 academic year to 52 - due to the need for efficient use of traffic). The number of students per computer is 6-8. Educational buildings are connected to the local network Intranet of the institute with access to Internet. Classrooms are equipped with audio and video equipment. There are interactive  whiteboards  in the lecture halls. The infrastructure of the Institute includes the two Assembly halls, six sports halls, two open-air sports complexes.  The new educational equipment, furniture, computers modern modification, interactive boards are purchased and replenished the library Fund. The  laboratory base of all specialties is  annually updated .

For the organization of student nutrition there are 2 dining rooms with 120 and 150 seats and three buffet for 60 persons. Nonresident students live in comfortable, renovated  Students’ House for 363 seats with a total area of ​​4843 sq.m. where the Internet-classes, reading rooms, massage room, gym, clubs on interests operate. All conditions are created for the convenience of residence.

On the specialities «Mathematics», «Physics», «the Kazakh language and literature», «Fine arts and technical drawing», «Physical culture and sports», «Vocational training» and others Taraz State Pedagogical Institute is included in the number of universities in Kazakhstan successfully implementing educational programs for specialities of a bachelor degree. According to the rating results of the independent Kazakhstan quality assurance Agency in education the University occupies a leading place among the teacher training higher educational institutions.

The educational process at the Institute is focused on the introduction of new educational technologies, widespread computerization and introduction of information technology, application of new technical means of education. In order to improve the quality of training of the future teachers of the University teachers are applied in the educational process  interactive methods of teaching, technology of modular and developmental education, critical learning.

About the quality of training of specialists in our Institute say the victory of our students at the Republican subject Olympiads on Mathematics, Physics, Geography, Psychology, the Kazakh language and literature,  Pedagogy and Psychology, Defectology, Choreography, Computer Science, Marching.

With the purpose of information, scientific-methodical, project and expert activities in the area of licensing, accreditation and quality assurance of education in the Institute created the innovation Department.

Scientific research on humanitarian and natural scientific directions, United in 8 scientific programs.
Таразскому state pedagogical Institute of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of

TSPI had assigned the experimental platform for the implementation of the model of the teacher of the new formation, " Teacher of the XXI century", which is based on a model of "Specialist - teacher-personality".

Taraz State pedagogical institute is determined by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan as the basic organization of education in priority areas of higher education - training teachers of new formation for the 12-year school (in terms of the development of qualifications of teachers for the 12-year school). A center of 12-years education was created. It is headed by the doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor, holder of the grant of MES RK «The Best teacher of high school» Kalibek Ybraimzhanov.

Scientific achievements of the Institute for pedagogical, humanitarian and natural areas are recognized in the country. In the nearest time will start its work of the scientific-research center «Spectral» under the guidance of doctor of physical-mathematical Sciences, Professor М. Мuratbekov. The Dean of the pedagogical Department of the faculty, the doctor of psychological Sciences Svetlana Berdibayeva is an the initiator of the creation of the Institute of scientific-educational club of socio-psychological adaptation for students. Here with  from the beginning of new academic  year the members of the club listen to lectures, take part in the trainings. In order to comprehensive development of personality the «Insight»  Center begins its work. It aims to promote the comprehensive disclosure of the identity, harmonization of personality and environment, achievement of professional self-assertion, family socialization. The teachers of the Defectology and Psychology Department
work with the students in the centre.

The Institute modernized management structure by creating the department of international relations, as well as accreditation and academic mobility, which is charged with the responsibility of promoting adherence to the parameters of the Bologna process. The academic mobility of teachers and students by the  foreign internships in Bulgaria, Turkey, and Germany. Only for the last two years, 45 teachers have passed courses of improvement of qualification as in the leading universities of the country, and abroad.
With the purpose of increase of competitiveness of the research and matching them with international trends in science ТарГПИ actively cooperates with foreign universities and research centers of Poland, Mongolia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan on the basis of direct bilateral agreements on scientific and educational cooperation.

Conducting research and involvement of graduate students in research activities has had a positive effect on the quality of the educational process. It is needed to strengthen the educational and scientific ties with foreign teacher education institutions and research centers through joint conduct of research. There is a need to enhance and increase the involvement of faculty, graduate students and students in the programs of basic and applied research from foreign funds. There will be held regularly training courses of foreign languages ​​among students, graduates and faculty. This will actually encourage their participation in the contest of Presidential scholarship "Bolashak" and other exchange programs.

The execution of tasks of Bologna process involves the creation of conditions for the training of students, undergraduates at Kazakstan universities and abroad.

For successful implementation of the Bologna principles the management of the Institute organized free courses of  the English language for teachers, staff, students, and undergraduates. This measure will also fulfill one of the objectives of the educational activity and  requirements set by the state  -  the  training  of  polylingiistic teachers.

In TarSPI the Center of qualification improvement and retraining of pedagogical cadres successfully operates. In the framework of the program of educational work in TarSPI in activities of  the faculties, departments and academic groups the traditional and new forms of educational work are  used.

It became a good tradition annually to carry out national creative festivals. In the number of students of the creative specialties there  are the owners of reputable award-winning competitions, the Delphic games, festivals of pop songs, folk dance, the execution of the wind instruments.
The University implements  the introduction of information technologies  and  advanced innovative technologies of training, full automation of the activities of the subdivisions.
Scientific-research activity of the scientists of the Institute will be directed on the decision of actual problems of education. In order to study the needs of the teaching personnel  the Institute  with the regional Department of education   intends systematically to carry out the  monitor of  the pedagogical personnel of schools of the region.

The aim of a higher education management is the transformation to the model of reciprocal responsibility in the scope of higher education management equal to strengthening of student’s, teacher’s, administration and public role and also their interaction.

The strategic objective of the introduction and development of human resource management, training and retraining of the Institute is the continuous and dynamic professional development and scientific expertise of faculty and staff in order to improve the quality of educational services and the competitiveness of the Institute.

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